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Everything in SQTech is based around engines. Engines are basically the power generator. They are a furnace with a sign labeled [engine] on it, and [move] on the second line if it is to move. Engines will power 4 machine blocks in the direction it's facing. Engines require charcoal or coal for fuel. Engines can also move in the direction they are facing if set to. Engines will always use the same amount of fuel but will run slower for the more machines that there are in front of it. Furnaces are also valid machine blocks, and if they have fuel they will increase the speed of the machine. They will also power 4 machines, with the direction of the power being the direction of the main engine.


Can activate more machine blocks. Increases speed machine functions at. All furnaces update simultaneously, activating their blocks in unison; a furnace does not need to be activated to function.


When activated, will transfer 1 item from its inventory into the block it is facing, if there is a valid inventory block. Will also take one item out of any valid inventory block in the direction opposite the direction it is facing. Can be used to feed furnaces.


When activated, will use 1 item from its inventory in the direction it is facing, as if that item were being held and right-clicked with. It can use items the way a dispenser normally would, as well as place blocks and plant crops.

Crafting Table[edit]

When activated, it will look into a dropper above it, and use any pattern of items in that dropper as a crafting recipe. It will draw resources from any inventories to its sides and output into any inventory below it.

Iron Blocks[edit]

When activated, also activates 1 block in each direction perpendicular to the direction it was activated in.

Gold Block[edit]

Will stop activation from passing through it. So, a furnace with a gold block in front of it won’t activate anything; however, blocks that would have been activated are still detected as part of the machine.


Breaks a block in the direction it is facing when activated. Will output any items dropped into an inventory behind it, opposite the direction it is facing.

Diamond Block[edit]

Breaks a block in the direction it was activated from, with silk touch. Outputs into an inventory opposite the direction it broke from.

Sticky Piston[edit]

When activated, will swap places with the block it is facing. Will also change directions, so it will be facing in the direction of its old position.

Sponge & Wet Sponge[edit]

Does nothing when activated. Does not contribute to the total block count; it won’t decrease the run speed of a machine.