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So when you first join the server, starting out can seem complicated. In reality, it’s not that complicated. This page should help you with all information needed in order to successfully become a pilot. First, we’ll start out with detecting and piloting your ship.

Detecting & Piloting[edit]

Detecting and piloting are 2 different things. In order to do both of them, you will need a clock. Detecting a ship is only needed if the ship was freshly made/spawned in, or you have edited blocks on your ship. Basically all it does is tell the ship plugin that the ship exists and was edited. This is done by LEFT clicking your pilot sign (see image below) with a clock. In chat it will say “<enter chat message here>” (also see image below). Piloting and unpiloting are only needed when you want to command or stop commanding your ship. You pilot by RIGHT clicking the pilot sign with the clock.


Moving around space and planets is heavily reliant on [dynmap]. To help tell cardinal directions, open your F3 menu and look for “Facing Direction” and it will tell you the way you are facing.

There are 2 ways to move your ship. Manually flying block by block, or using autopilot to fly in a direction. Manually flying is done by holding a clock in your hand, and crouching. This will then move your ship in the direction you are facing. To go forward, look forward, backwards look backwards, etc etc. You can also move up and down by crouch flying. But, this can be very fps laggy and slow. So most players use Autopilot to go long distances. There are two ways to autopilot. You can right-click with a clock in your hand, and your ship will start moving the direction you are facing. Or, you can use an autopilot sign by typing [autopilot] on a sign and right clicking it. You initiate autopilot with signs by right-clicking the sign. This will also move based on the direction you were facing when you initiated autopilot. You can lower your speed by shift left clicking the sign or raise it by not shifting and left clicking.


You can also turn the direction your ship is facing. This is done 2 ways you can either use a helm sign by placing a sign and writing [helm] (see image below) and then right clicking the sign, or use a compass. To turn with the sign, you left click to turn left and right click to turn right. The ship will turn on the block the sign is on. To turn with a compass, hold the compass in your hand and left click to turn left or right click to turn right. The ship will turn on the block you are standing on.

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